In year 2000, when we were looking for a name for our organization, all the ones we had thought about were already taken. We then decided to take the name of the mountain that sheltered us and at the foot of which we built a country: Tasuleasa. We built a campus at the top of the Bargaului Mountain, near Pasul Tihuta and we created a place where we could bring young people in order to train them and teach them what being a volunteer meant and why it was important to care.


Our goal is to change the mentalities of those around us and to reveal the fact that young people really wish to get involved in solving social issues. We listened to our volunteers; we let them express their own culture, their own values and attitudes. All the youngsters who got involved in the association’s activities have been trained to develop similar projects on their own and to carry on social campaigns. Over time, we have been working with teenagers who were confronted with several problems: prisoners from juvenile prisons, children from socially disadvantaged areas, students dropping out of school and deaf children.